European Entrepreneurship Management

European Entrepreneurship Management

The Climate-KIC EIT Regional Innovation Scheme is an Acceleration Programme encouraging the development of new businesses in the field of the low carbon economy through the provision of a service package and grants for selected participants from the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme countries.

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The overarching target of the task is to investigate, if and how the different ecosystems can be better connected to effectively apply Climate-KIC activities in a strong and flourishing network of Regional Partners. Further information can be found here.

The Programme and Participation Criteria

The Climate-KIC Regional Innovation Scheme Accelerator 2018 starts in June and runs until November Besides financial support, they will receive individual coaching,mentoring and peer-to-peer learning, exposure to customers, partners and investors and access to an extensive relevant international network. The Start-ups are divided into three stages according to the criteria below:     

Stage 1 – Fundamentals: Business model development

This stage aims to help entrepreneurs translate inventions into business plans, develop and present a business model using the Business Model Canvas or another appropriate business model assessment framework, and present a plan for validating that business model by real-world customers

Financial support: up to EUR 10,000 grants

We are looking for start-ups (third parties) that comply with the following criteria:

  • A BASIC business model is already defined.
  • The start-up is composed by a motivated team (at least two founders).
  • The start-up may or may not have a legal entity formed yet. In case they have a legal entity this cannot be older than 3 years.

Stage 2 – Validation: Business Model Validation & First Customers

Builds on the first stage and helps entrepreneurs translate business plans into concrete value propositions. Start-ups need to provide evidence of the validation of the business model by real-world customers and develop and present a plan for developing products/ services to market-readiness and achieving market entry.

Financial support: up to EUR 15,000 grants

We are looking for start-ups (third parties) that comply with the following criteria:

  • Successfully absolved stage 1 or coming directly to stage 2.
  • A SOLID business model is already defined.
  • The start-up is composed by a motivated team (at least two founders) and the leadership team is already in place.
  • The start-up has already a legal entity or is in advanced process to set one.

Stage 3 – Delivery: Onwards to investment and scaling

Purpose: Help entrepreneurs to prepare for a future of investment rounds and scaling. Pursue market entry with core product/service in beachhead markets and achieve a meaningful number of commercial transactions that validate value proposition of product/service and leads to generation of first commercial revenue. Start-ups in this stage of the programme are supported in preparation for negotiations with potential investors and partners and can tap into a network of investor contacts and partners.

Financial support: up to EUR 50,000 grants

We are looking for start-ups (third parties) that comply with the following criteria:

  • Successfully absolved stage 2 or coming directly to stage 3.
  • A VALIDATED business model is already defined.
  • The start-up is composed by a motivated team (at least two founders) and the leadership team is already in place.
  • The start-up has already a legal entity not older than 3 years.
  • Early users/ customers/ partners identified.

Every six months a stage ends. In order to participate in the next stage, the participants have to apply again.

The Regional Partners

Provadis Hochschule runs the programme under the name of Climate-KIC RIS in collaboration with Regional Partners in following 9 european countries, who run the Accelerator programme:



The International Bootcamp 2018

A common theme throughout the Bootcamps is the importance of knowledge creation through collaborative work. Startups will be introduced to representatives from international companies.

Get connected – in Frankfurt

4. – 5. July 2018

Frankfurt is the heart of Europe’s financial community and a hot spot of the chemical industry. With its strong regional ecosystem Frankfurt offers access to international businesses and with Provadis Hochschule you receive access to leading chemical and bio-technical industries. The Bootcamp in Frankfurt is dedicated to create a pan-European start-up community, unfold synergies between the RIS start-ups and to create a joint spirit. You will learn how to get your product ready for the market and expand your business internationally.

For further Information on the Bootcamp in Frankfurt please contact:


“Get ready for business” – International Start-ups gather in Frankfurt to scale their business

For the second year, 60 start-ups from nine European countries joined the International Bootcamp 2018 in Frankfurt. These start-ups got accepted to the Climate-KIC EIT Accelerator Program in 2018, Europe’s largest cleantech accelerator for early stage start-ups that focusses on getting them ready for investors and customers and helps scale their business. Jasmin Kailath and Bernd Winters – both responsible for the start-up programs at the Provadis Hochschule – were curious if the designed framework for the following two days will deliver the wished impact and generate a well creative and productive working environment.Part of the joint curriculum in the accelerator is the International Bootcamp with a focus on sustainable business modelling, brand development and networking to get them ready for business. The two-day bootcamp on 4th and 5th of July 2018 took place on the grounds of the Provadis School of International Management and Technology, an education hub set next to the industrial and pharmaceutical heart of the Industriepark Höchst.

The first day the teams from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia had the chance to introduce themselves and identify potential fields of cooperation. “We clustered the teams in groups sorted by their goals, needs and business structure in order to create combinations and synergies that weren’t visible at first sight,” explains Professor Wolfgang Rams, who was responsible for the curriculum within the accelerator and the content of the International Bootcamp.

On this basis, the start-ups worked on their sustainable business model taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects of their business activities. Being specific on these aspects and applying an integrated approach is the conceptual core of the accelerator program. The concept has been presented by Professor Hannes Utikal, lead of the Center for Industry and Sustainability at Provadis School of International Management and Technology.

The group work was opened by the Climate-KIC success story Africa GreenTec. Climate-KIC alumni Torsten Schreiber, founder of Africa GreenTec told the story of how he started his company with the help of the Climate-KIC accelerator program. His story was complemented by other success stories out of the nine European countries.

After a tour through the impressive industrial park, the teams had dinner on the cruise ship Maria Sibylla Merian, taking them on the Maine River from Höchst to see the skyline of the financial district Frankfurt. During dinner the teams were able to discuss different topics set up by their coaches and moderated by Table Captains such as Maria Alexandrova (Climate-KIC partner from Cleantech Bulgaria) or João Paulo Fernandes (consultant at PwC NextLevel Startup Consulting).

On the second day the teams learned from experts like Alisa Murphy (Founder and CEO at Life Size Media), Dr. Martin Giese (start-up expert and Business Angel) and Dr. Thomas Funke (Co-Director at TechQuartier) on how to establish your brand, negotiate and present your start-up in a pitch. Dr. Maximilian Hempel from the German Federal Environmental Foundation who held a lecture on resources and environmental issues was impressed by the program and the start-ups, “the accelerator program has some very significant items. It is very international and very hands on. As an entrepreneur you get a good input on how to build your start-up and you get the different puzzles you need to complete your idea.”

After the International Bootcamp the start-ups travelled back to their countries and continue the accelerator locally, being in a continued exchange on the sustainability of their business model. As last year a matchmaking site has been set up to present all participating teams and keep them connected beyond the bootcamp.

“It was a great pleasure to listen to short feedbacks of the start-ups during the bootcamp and to look in so many well satisfied and delighted faces during the farewell”, so Bernd Winters. “Now it begins the time of operative implementation. Be aware and passionate. Good luck & great success!”

Our Start-ups

The EIT Regional Innovation Scheme Accelerator is a Climate-KIC programme to increase the innovation capacity in: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. The Climate-KIC Accelerator DACH operates in: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Meet the startups (currently) being supported in these countries. Experience remarkable business models, get in touch with startups in your industry and get connected here:



Bernd Winters
Projektmanager und Clustermanager rhein-main-cluster chemie & pharma
Tel.: +49 69 305-2269
E-Mail: bernd.winters(at)

Fachliche Interessensgebiete: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Change Management


Jasmin Kailath
Tel.: +49 69 305-80764
E-Mail: jasmin.kailath(at)


Prof. Dr. Hannes Utikal
Leiter Zentrum für Industrie und Nachhaltigkeit
Dozent Fachbereich Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Tel.: +49 69 305-13730
E-Mail: hannes.utikal(at)

Fachliche Schwerpunkte: Strategie, Marketing und Nachhaltigkeit


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams
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Fachliche Schwerpunkte: Innovationen und Entrepreneurship 


Alexander Schneider
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Fachliche Interessensgebiete: Controlling und Personalmanagement