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Melanie Sonntag


Melanie Sonntag
Leiterin Interessentenmanagement
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Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG
Industriepark Höchst, Gebäude B845
65926 Frankfurt am Main

Transform the European Process Industries

4th International Workshop on Innovation and Production Management in the Process Industries (IPM2022) - 12. & 13. May 2022 at Industrial Park Höchst

With the European Green Deal, the European Commission expresses its strong commitment to transform Europe to the first climate-neutral continent. More and more stakeholders consider the transformation of the industry as inevitable. Incremental changes will not be enough to achieve CO2-neutrality and keep the European process industries competitive at the same time.

Challenges in the implementation phase:

  • Systems level: How is the systems change conceptualized in Europe (multi-level perspective of systems change; socio-technical aspects)? Cross-country comparison: How do different countries translate the EU Green Deal to their national contexts?
  • Company level: How can companies transform their activities to achieve CO2-neutrality in 2045? (scenarios, pathways, business models, technologies)
  • Innovation and production management: What innovation methods are suitable to handle the challenge? What are the latest technological developments in the fields of energy transformation and defossilisation of feedstock for the process industries (CCU, CCS, hydrogen)?

Prof Dr Hannes Utikal (Chair), Provadis School of International Management and Technology, Center for Industry and Sustainability (ZIN), Germany, Journal of Business Chemistry, hannes.utikal@provadis-hochschule.de

Prof Dr Jens Leker, University of Muenster, Institute of Business Administration at the department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Germany, Journal of Business Chemistry, leker@uni-muenster.de

Prof Dr Dr Thomas Lager, Mälardalen University, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Sweden, thomas.lager@mdh.se

Prof Dr Koteshwar Chirumalla, Mälardalen University, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Sweden, koteshwar.chirumalla@mdh.se

Prof Dr Ralf Ehret, Provadis School of International Management and Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Germany, Journal of Business Chemistry, ralf.ehret@provadis-hochschule.de

Dr Florian Ausfelder, DECHEMA e.V., Germany, Department Energy and Climate, florian.ausfelder@dechema.de

Dr Marcel Loewert, Provadis School of International Management and Technology, Center for Industry and Sustainability (ZIN), Germany, Journal of Business Chemistry, marcel.loewert@provadis-hochschule.de

Janine Heck, Provadis School of International Management and Technology, Center for Industry and Sustainability (ZIN), Germany, Journal of Business Chemistry, janine.heck@provadis-hochschule.de

The third International Workshop on Innovation and Production Management in the Process Industries (IPM2019)

Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) Annual Conference 2020: The CO2-neutral chemical industry 2050

The fifth International Workshop on Innovation and Production Management in the Process Industries will take place in December 2023 in Osaka in collaboration with the ISPIM conference

Bridge the industry–academy gap in Frankfurt,

at the heart of the industrial transformation

The overall philosophy of this “by invitation only”- workshop is to provide a forum for scholars researching the process industries and the transformation to CO2-neutrality, and to develop and share knowledge in interaction with industry professionals.

Why participate?

  • Dig deeper: Understand the systemic nature of the challenges and understand the variety of national pathways towards carbon neutrality.
  • Identify, explore and discuss ways to design new business models and to design cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Make sense of potential transformation roadmaps.
  • Share well-proven and novel best-practices in innovation and production management
  • Create an international collaborative network among industry professionals and scholars researching the family of process industries

For whom is the participation of interest?


Experts in the field of process technology, operational excellence, sustainable business transformation, business development and innovation management


Professors, Post-Doc Researchers & PhD-Students with a focus on innovation management, technology management, sustainable business transformation and sustainable business models



Europe wants to become CO2 neutral - as early as possible, but by 2050 the latest. This goal requires a fundamental transformation of the economy and society. The process industry and its partners are crucial to the success of this transformation: together, we can develop new markets through innovative solutions, save energy and raw materials, replace fossil CO2 sources and increasingly use CO2 as a resource as well.  

The Cluster Process4Sustainability - a network of companies in the process industry, research institutions and societal innovation partners - aims to proactively shape this transformation. We translate the major goal of CO2 neutrality into tangible steps for individual companies and its specific local conditions. 

We want the transformation to succeed. 

Based at the Industrial Park Frankfurt Höchst, we offer companies practical knowledge about the levers of CO2 neutrality, new markets and innovative business models. We create future markets by connecting the demand side with solution providers.

We see ourselves as a partner for business, science, politics and society on the road to climate neutrality and are supported by the Hessian state government and the European Regional Development Fund.  

More information about the Cluster Process4Sustainability

Mälardalen University, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering

Mälardalen University (MDH) is Sweden’s largest university college with around 20 000 students and 950 employees. MDH students read courses and study programmes in Business, Healthcare, Engineering, Design and Communication, Economics, and Education. At MDH, research is conducted in six research specialisations that promote knowledge and development, for Swedish industry and peoples’ welfare: Future Energy, Healthcare and Welfare, Embedded Systems, Industrial Engineering and Management, Innovation and Product Realisation, and Educational Sciences and Mathematics. The research in Future Energy and Embedded Systems is internationally prominent. MDH is one of Sweden’s foremost HEIs in terms of collaboration, which is a natural part of the University’s DNA. MDH enjoys a close collaboration with the private and public sectors, which contributes towards the better health of people and a more sustainable planet. MDH operates many centres of expertise and collaboration platforms. The Arena for Health and Welfare Engineering, Automation Region, Mälardalen Industry Technology Center, the Sörmland Contract are some of the prominent ones. The university college has formally conferred to university status in the beginning of the next year 2022.

Institute of Business Administration, University of Muenster

The interdisciplinary Institute of Business Administration engages in research, teaching and practice to convey a scientific approach to business-related problems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The institute has a literature data bank on “Business Chemistry”, a company archive for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and also publishes the Journal of Business Chemistry. The research area of corporate rating and strategy evaluation is concerned particularly with assessing creditworthiness, crisis management and the evaluation of strategic manoeuvres. With respect to teaching, up-to-date case studies are applied, in order to familiarise students with the application of theoretical knowledge.

As a member of the "European Case Clearing House" (ECCH), the institute has access to case studies of the Harvard Business School, the London Business School and other internationally recognised management schools.

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