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Welcome to the Provadis School of International Management and Technology! The Provadis School of International Management and Technology AG (short name: Provadis Hochschule) is the University of industry. The Provadis Hochschule was founded in 2003 as a nationally accredited university of applied sciences. Its foundation traces back to the part-time university courses at the former Hoechst AG, which were established in 1965. Currently the university offers four bachelor and two

master's degree programs, which are attended by approximately 800 students. The Provadis Hochschule focuses on candidates who are interested in directly applying theory to practical work questions. We specialize in dual and occupational degree programs for working professionals and school graduates. Our main focus is finding solutions to problems arising in innovative and modern industries, the so-called high-tech industries, as well as offering technology-based services.

Overview of Degree Programs

Degree Details Contents
Bachelor of Arts Business Administration Close connection with business world Business studies core subjects; Economic background; Internationally oriented programs; Soft skills training
Bachelor of Science Business Information Management Connection between IT and specialized department Optimization of company procedures; Development of information systems; Needs analysis; Soft skills training
Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineering Unique in Rhine-Main area Chemistry, biochemistry, process engineering; Process and production development; Organization & management; Soft skills training
Bachelor of Science Biopharmaceutical Science Biotechnology focusing on pharmaceutical industry Cell biology, biochemical engineering, bioanalytics; Production development and regulations; Organization & management; Soft skills training




Experience gained in specialized areas and management

Specialized knowledge in degree areas:
- Business Administration: for various functions in all types of companies
- Business Information Management: to give a business oriented perspective in the IT field
- Chemical engineering: for use in chemical and technical fields

Transfer of acquired knowledge to daily work.
All programs are in German.

Three models, one goal: Dual or part-time study in the formal minimum required study period.

The economy has long been calling for a more practice-oriented orientation of apprenticeships and shorter duration of university studies. The combination of vocational training with a bachelor's program does exactly. After 3 ½ years of investment you get an employee in return, who not only holds an international bachelor's degree, but also has a high-quality specialized training with a recognized degree by the Chamber of Commerce and several years of professional experience.

In the bachelor degree programs Business Administration and Business Information Management, employers and prospective students can choose the model “study + practice” offered by the Provadis University. This model combines a long-term internship in one or two work areas during the entire study period and offers the benefit of early specialization and professional orientation.

Benefit from continuous support of your projects on up to four days of the week.

Students first participate in the Provadis University Assessment Day, where we test their aptitude for the double challenge of studying while working almost full-time. Students who take up a dual or part-time university degree are highly motivated and have the potential to develop into particularly strong performers at work.

All study models and programs have one common time model: Students work at the company on 3 ½ to 4 ½ days per week. Lectures are held during one weekday afternoon and on Saturday mornings.

Beginning in October the courses for Business Administration take place every Thursday afternoon and Saturday and the courses for Business Information Management take place every Friday afternoon as well as Saturday.

The Provadis College supports you in your attractivity as an employer by increasing the professionalization of your staff. Our part-time study model perfectly integrates the course load into the requirements of a daily job

For individuals who have already completed an undergraduate degree, we offer Master degree courses in Chemical Engineering as well as Technology & Management.

What are the advantages for your company?

The time model, with its integration of professional practice and study, the close thematic orientation to the companies involved and an extremely low drop-out rate of only 4% per year, accompanied by an extremely high graduation rate of nearly 90% within the standard period of study are our key benefits.

The individual courses and the university in general are continuously highly ranked in the regional and national CHE University Ranking. Besides these external rankings, we monitor the quality of our programs and staff annually in an internal quality audit.

Bind tomorrow’s specialists today. Let us assist you in finding a motivated and committed employee who fits your company’s profile.

Portfolio of Services – unrivaled in excellence!

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