Cities in (Climate) Change

11.04.2018 Kategorie: Aktuelles Hochschule

New article in the Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning: Leading the way with examples and ideas? Governing climate change in German municipalities through best practices

Due to our applied research at the Centre for Industry & Sustainability (ZIN) we know that the radical uncertainties associated with climate change require cognitive, symbolic, and material resources to make responses manageable and governable. Best practices are often considered in many of our (EU) projects to provide answers to these challenges. At the national and international levels, it is thus usually taken for granted that the replication of best practice examples can lead to a policy change. However, this assumption lacks empirical evidence, as best practices feature sticky and place-bound characteristics as we had to experience in several projects. This limits their use for the diffusion of their content and the transition to a low-carbon society. To improve current forms of knowledge exchange and learning for sustainable urban development, this article by Nanja Nagorny-Koring critically investigates the main functions (enabling, lobbying, place-marketing, and replication) of best practices in the daily governance of climate change in municipalities. It draws on in-depth insights from the Climate-KIC Transition Cities project and the German Masterplan 100% climate protection programme.

Please, download the article here.


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