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Journal of Business Chemistry (JoBC) – our October issue is online!

We are pleased to present the latest issue of the Journal of Business Chemistry (Volume 18, Issue 3) which is available at www.businesschemistry.org. We would like to thank all authors who contributed to this issue:

“Carbon Capture and Utilization – A new building block for Circular Economy?“ - Florian Frieden

The research paper first introduces some CCU processes before exploring the hurdles and potentials of CCU based on expert interviews. The article thus sheds light on a technology that is still in his infancy but could make important contributions to climate protection as well as circular economy. The recognition of CCU in the EU ETS, costs, entrepreneurial risk, the efficiency of CCU processes and the high energy demand are identified as main hurdles. On the contrary, the large field of application, rising CO2 prices and higher margins through sustainably labeled products present potentials of CCU.

“Is the EU Green Deal channeling a transition towards a sustainable chemical industry?” - Jutta Paulus

Her article picks up a ten-point action plan for the green transition of the chemical industry that she developed together with her colleague Sven Giegold. In the following, she explains each of these points in more detail, highlights progress and, above all, points out what still needs to be done.

“Disruption of the role model closed loop mechanical recycling of PET” - Nabila Rabanizada and Monica Harting Pfeifer

Nabila Rabanizada´s and Monica Harting Pfeifer´s article deals with a challenge in the recycling of PET bottles used for e.g. juice: The coating inside the bottle. They raise awareness to this topic and call for exchange of knowledge and cooperation in the supply-chain to achieve true circularity.

Please enjoy reading the third issue of the eighteenth volume of the Journal of Business Chemistry. We are grateful for all the support from authors and reviewers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at janine.heck@businesschemistry.org. For more updates and insights on management issues in the chemical industry, follow us on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/jobc/ and subscribe to our newsletter: https://www.businesschemistry.org/

Best regards,

the JoBC-team

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